Our company is composed of a group of people that gather together every day to carry out the job they like.


The factory from which all our creations leave destined for the rest of the world is located in Spain, specifically in the Northwest, in a region called Galicia. Galicia is a green region with geography whose gentle hills overlook two seas.


We have dedicated almost forty years in the textile industry creating beautiful garments. Some of the people who work with us have done so from the beginning and continue with as much enthusiasm as they had on that the first day.


At the head of the company and giving it her name is Carmen Melero. A woman who, like all other members of this project, puts her soul and all her passion into the exciting craft of designing clothes for other women to make them feel attractive and comfortable.


To achieve the highest quality in our creations we rely on two pillars: the unparalleled professionalism of each and every one of the people working in this company and the technological advances that have been implemented such as: computerized cutting, the storage system "just-in-time" and robotic management of billing and delivery the merchandise.


After a career of many years, the company Carmen Melero has established stockists in many parts of the world as far afield as Spain, Portugal, UK, Germany, France, China, United States, Canada, Mexico, Lebanon, etc. In each of these places, our creations are privileged to be in the best and brightest points of sale.


Our clients, along with the people who work every day in this project, are our greatest asset. We hope they're as proud of us as we are of them. Certainly, we strive every day taking into account all their comments.


Each season we visit our customers and we are present in the most important fairs showing our collections. The models of the five collections we manufacture each season can also be reviewed through our website,


We are very proud of the work we do and always sincerely hope that will please our customers.


Thank you very much