Days of spring and flowers.


We get flooded with color, flowers and summer. Here we have two dresses and a jacket in floral-patterned fabric.


Both straight dresses are lightweight and made to the highest quality. The one on the left has a round neckline and selvedges.


The jacket is unlined and has a completely contrasting piping.


The dress on the right of the picture has three panels, also with piping, at the waist.



Carmen´s Tips.


We are sure that our way of dressing is another means of expression.


The clothes we choose and the way we combine them reflect our mood. The sensations transmitted are completely different depending even on the accessories and choice of makeup.


We have always been in favor of easy-car, versatile garments. The dresses that we show today are a clear example of this. If we combine either of these dresses with a pair of white summer sandals, a medium sized brown handbag and a “bangle”, we will have a natural-looking and very attractive look for everyday use.


If we change the type of bag and chose instead a white "clutch" and, in addition, we choose a pair of high-heeled sandals, in say a coral colour, for the dress on the left of the picture or green or purple for the one on the right, we will be get a completely different and much more sophisticated effect.


We create our garments in the hope that they will brighten the happy moments in your life.


Thank you so much.

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