It is still summer


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Using crepe fabric, we have prepared an asymmetrical dress, an also asymmetrical top with a trouser. On the dress we can appreciate a right shoulder draping and a cut with piping at the waist.


The idea of the top is similar to the one of the dress. In this case, the motif is a ribbon type trimming.



Carmen´s Tips.


We may use the same shoes for the two options that we show today. Sandals or court room shoes will go perfect with the top and the pants and also with the dress. I would choose a color in the range of pinks.


The bag will add more color to the whole set. Let us choose a contrasting color. Why not blue?


Since both, the dress and the top, carry a motif, I think you'd better avoid using very flashy earrings. Perhaps the most adequate will be a bracelet in same tones as the clasp.


If any of you do not like sleeveless clothes, there is no problem. We have planned a sleeve version for the two garments.


Hope you like it.


Thank you so much.

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