It seems lace but it is not


The fabric from which the two dresses that can be seen in the picture are made is the same in both cases. It is an elastic, fresh, fine fabric. We call it "punched" because in it has a multitude of small holes that make it visually similar to lace.


For the dress on the left, the punched fabric has been combined with ottoman in the neck and armholes. We also added a small half-belt at the waist, decorated with original Swarovski stones.


To match this dress we offer a jacket also in ottoman with the same dress fabric in cuffs and lining.


The set on the right is simpler. Both the dress and the jacket have completely contrasting piping in mauve. The jacket has one original Swarovski button and is lined in its body but not in its sleeves.



Carmen´s Tips.


It is important that the colour of the clothes you choose will blend well with your skin tone. For this reason we have chosen, this time, the mauve. Mauve has a way of blending with all skin types.


I would advise for the set on the left, which is more formal, sandals and a handbag in an ecru colour. Although, if you really want to take full advantage of this dress and jacket, think of some yellow sandals and raspberry lipstick.


The dress and jacket right in the image lends itself to a more casual look with flat sandals in raspberry colour and a brown bag in raffia. In this case, let your hair down and add a slight sheen to your lips.


We create our garments in the hope that they will brighten the happy moments in your life.


Thank you so much.

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