Natural fabrics. The finest craftsmanship


Natural fabrics. The finest craftsmanship.



All the garments manufactured by Carmen Melero are handmade with the utmost care and the finest craftsmanship. In all of these garments, fabrics used are of the highest quality.


In the selection shown today, we can see a coral-colored reefer. In the composition of its fabric, wool has the greatest prominence.


In the case of the jacket and coat in grey colour, alpaca is the most prominent element.


The scarf is optional for the jacket.



Carmen s Tips.


Coral reefer can be combined very well with jeans or black pants. Boots o ankle boots. A rucksack type bag would be a very good complement.


The gray coat can be combined with a skirt or dress, as seen in the picture. In this case, a pair of bracelet shoes or over-the-knee boots would be a very good choice. We could also choose a wide cut trousers and salon shoes.  In either case, a large bag, slung over the shoulder, would be great.



Hope you like it.


Thank you so much.

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