Our Stripes


Designers have to interpret current trends and must know how to translate them, personally, in their creations.


In the image we present today, you can see three examples of how we have interpreted a current trend, stripes.


In the dress on the left in the picture, we have combined a striped silk taffeta with a lace top. The belt is also made of taffeta with a lace inclusion.


What stands in the garment in the center is the novel placement of the stripes. Horizontally on the bottom and obliquely in the upper part visually reinforcing the shape of the neckline. In this dress we have incorporated a peplum and a flower.


In the model on the right can be seen the combination of a sequined fabric at its top with pleated chiffon from the waist. As an additional element, we have included a satin edging. In this case the choice of long skirt could be very interesting.



Carmen Tips


The question that may arise with dresses like these is the choice of shoes and bag.


I would say that if we want to give a more formal image we may use solid colors. However, printed shoes and a "clutch" also wrapped with striped fabric sure will give a more current and groundbreaking image.


We keep using a "nude" type makeup with slightly prominent lips.


With the dress at the right in the picture we have included large silver tone earrings with matching bracelets. Because the neckline of this dress is square, I don’t think a necklace is a highly recommended item.


Hope you like our way of doing stripes


Thank you so much.


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