Pastel colours


In our last publication we talked about the fabric triacetate. Today we show you a couple of examples of the use we have made of this material:


In the jacket on the left we can see its matte side on top and its shiny side on the waist and cuffs.


The dress of the centere in the image is also made of triacetate. It has a matching coat in silk chiffon. At the waist is a subtle line of swarovski crystals and in the flower a combination of triacetate with silk chiffon.


The jacket on the right in the picture is made in a multicolored brocade with openings at the waist and cuffs and magnificent pearl buttons.


Carmen Tips


We refer to pastel colours as those warm and soft tones that seem smooth, soften and refresh our image. Shades like pale pink, baby blue, lemon yellow, etc.


It can be very interesting to mix pastel colors together or even use a single pastel colour for our total look. The latter is what we did with the dress and jacket set that you will see to the left in the picture.


We employed a "nude" makeup with slightly prominent lips and delicate earrings in silver.


We hope that you can feel attracted to the light and depth of the images and also, of course, to our clothes.


Thank you so much.

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