Simple, irresistible and truly elegant.


Three garments made of crepe.


The left hand image shows a straight dress with round neckline and double gold trimmings at the waist.


The jacket we see on the right uses the same fabric as the dress and the same trimmings, placed in this case on the covers of the pockets. It features four customised buttons with the logo of our company.


The center image is a dress in beige and black colours, straight, cut at the hip with chiffon sleeves and square neckline.



Carmen s Tips.


For both, the jacket and the black dress you could well use the same cutting room shoes. I would recomend, in the case of the dress, to wear sheer black stockings and, in the case of the jacket,  black leather pants.


The perfect combination for the jacket would be a lingerie top and, for the dress, a leather o tailored coat also in black.


For the beige and black dress, I would choose a pair of over-the-knee boots in black complemented by a short coat also in crepe and a handbag.


Hope you like it.

Thank you so much.

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