Stripes are not only for special occasion garments


In our last publication we talked about how we use striped fabrics and we employed, as an example, three dresses designed for special occasions.


Today we keep talking about the same trend, stripes, but in this case with garments that are more casual.


Both the jackets and the dress shown in the picture are made in a very novel and attractive cotton satin fabric. Both garments are lined for a greater feeling of comfort.


On the jacket we may highlight the grosgrain ribbon that has been placed on the neck and breast pocket.


As for the dress, as you will see, we have used vertical stripes on the sleeves and button fastening as a contrast and to create visual appeal.



Carmen Tips


This jacket is a very good example of a versatile garment:


If we combine it with a pair of tweezers and navy and white sandals we get a relatively formal look.


We will project a totally different image if the trousers are jeans or shorts and the shoes espadrilles in beige colour.


I personally like the kind of garments that allow multiple uses.


I imagine the dress with tied espadrilles, a basket bag in a bright colour and a relatively thick gold coloured bracelet.


As you can see, the possibilities of using striped fabrics are many and very varied.


We like stripes and hope you do too


Thank you so much.

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