The elegance of simplicity. Days of white crepe.


We lift our spirits with the freshness of White. Its simplicity and neatness in the lines. 


These three garments are made of crepe fabric.


They are adorned with black flowers made from Swarovski crystals on a design by Carmen Melero.


The black colour is also used to trim the top, skirt and dress.


In the jacket it creates a very strong and attractive contrast between the white background and the black flowers and lace.



Carmen´s Tips.


For any of these garments, a low bun, slightly disheveled, black sandals and lips "rouge" would be a very successful combination.


If we take a little more risk we could try a pair of white shoes and a bag in green, for example. In this case the make-up would be "nude" and we would emphasize the eyes.


Thank you so much.

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