Top with skirt or pants. It´s your choice.


We will demonstrate today that the top is a chameleonic garment.


In the picture on the left we can see a top combined with a skirt in taffeta. The overall impression, in this case, is very similar to that of a dress. To the right you will see the same top combined with trousers in triacetetato matte. As you see, the end result is completely different and the top seems to change completely.


In the center of the picture you will see another top, in this case combined with a crep skirt with a shiny triacetate band.


All these garments belong to our special collection for year end.


 Carmen Tips


If your looking for a casual look, you could combine any one of this two tops with boyfriend pants, booty and tote bag. As it is winter, I will add an oversize mohair three-quarter coat.



The other side of the chameleonic top could be highlighted selecting the taffeta skirt you see in the picture, square heel sandals, an envelope bag and an alpaca tailor cut coat.

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