Two jackets for a summer.


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All the garments that we manufacture in Carmen Melero are cared in every single detail. Our goal is to offer our customers comfortable garments with attractive and original designs, the best and most careful preparation and the highest quality in their fabrics.


As an example of this, today we show two jackets with summer vocation. The one we see on the right is made from a very cool rustic fabric. Only the sleeves and upper body are lined. It is completely piped and finished with three glass buttons.


In the model we see on the left, there are several details that will call a lot of attention:


We have combined to denim type fabrics. For the sleeves, the top and the back we have chosen a cheerful and original flower print manufactured exclusively for us. The bottom, lapels and cuffs are made of the same fabric but plain.


The union of the two distinct fabrics, the edges of the lapels and cuffs were delimited with a multicolored trimming.


The zipper has been made of the same colors as the trimmings.



Carmen´s Tips.


In the case of the jacket on the right in the image, I think the attractive and innovative combination of colours of the fabric should take the leading role of the set. We could add jeans, green grass espadrilles and a natural raffia bag.


For the denim jacket on the left in the picture, I see white pants that highlight all its colours. A very natural makeup, "nude" type, the lips in coral colour and an afghan bag. The choice of shoes will determine the final focus of the set. With a brown gladiator sandals we will get in a much more casual look than with heeled sandals in yellow or coral colour.


What to let your hair or leave it picked up, I think a lot will depend on your mood.



Hope you like it.


Thank you so much.

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