Versatile and extremely attractive jackets.



Two normal length and one long line jacket.


In the jacket that you can see to the left of the picture we have combined a printed fabric with spades and neoprene. Neoprene is one of the fabrics that we call "techno"; very comfortable and attractive. This jacket features also three original Swarovski zippers, one on the front and one on each of the cuffs.


In the jacket that can be seen to the right of the image we have combined a novel satin fabric with eco leather for cuffs, neckline, front and waist.


Both garments are lightweight and designed to be worn as a stand-alone garment or be worn under a coat.


In the centre, we see a version of the jacket on the right but a little longer and in a different colour.



Carmen Tips.


In our proposal, the jacket with spades appears combined with a skirt made entirely of neoprene and the other jacket with an eco-leather skirt.


Perhaps you could get a more casual look, using plain pants and oxford shoes. Or even point us to fashion cage effect shoes.



Hope you like it.


Thank you so much.

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