Welcome to an asymmetric end of the year.


Do you prefer one or two sleeves?



All the people who are part of the Carmen Melero’s team greatly appreciate the attention you have given us throughout this year.


We wish you a very Happy Christmas and hope to keep your encouragement and support over the next year.


Our hope is that during 2015, the results of our work in creating clothes for women provide you many moments of happiness.


Today, we present you with two crepe dresses with a clearly asymmetrical design.


Carmen s Tips.


I imagine the dress to the left in the picture with a gold bracelet, a high bun and  makeup that will certainly be highlighted by the golden and silver accents of its neckline.


The model on the right needs almost no jewels. Perhaps discreet earrings and a small hanging bag.


In either case, we could very well wear our coat 6104-0-7306 against the cold because some strappy sandals with a "huge" heel will not entertain you a lot.


Hope you like it.

Thank you so much.

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