Windcheater or jacket? That is the question.


Two zipped and one buttoned.


The image on the left, the one of the windcheater in blue tones, has trimmings in the bodice, pockets and cuffs. The custom zipper features our signature logo.


The image on the center is also a windcheater shown here in earth tones. Double cursor zipper. The new and special fabric of this windcheater is combined with punched synthetic leather on the waist, cuffs and pockets.


To the right of the image, we have used again that same special fabric with an almost mysterious relief and we have given more prominence to the synthetic leather that appears in the bodice, pockets and cuffs.



Carmen Tips.


With any of these three garments you will convey a casual and elegant look.


They can be combined well with all kinds of pants, even stretch. I also see them with long or short leather skirts; even with knitted dresses.


For shoes, I would choose high-heeled booties. Riding boots, if you choose strech pants, could also be a good option.


Hope you like it.


Thank you so much.

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