Woman in Pink


Pink is the most "in"


Dresses and sets in pink color and made of a novel material called triacetate matte-bright that has the particularity to be very attractive and pleasant for both of it sides.


One side of this fabric is bright. You can see it in the waist and cuffs of the jacket. Also in the waist and bottom of the skirt and bright areas of the two dresses.


The other side of this fabric is matte. We have used that way in the skirt body and in the no shiny areas of the dresses.


The dress at the right side of the image combines triacetate with lace guipur. The jacket and dress in the center make a combination with a brocade fabric with lurex.



Carmen Tips


The dress you see in the center of the image can also be made with short sleeves.


The jacket can be a very good complement to the central dress or can be used with the skirt.


Pink goes very well with itself; therefore, you could use some strappy sandals and a "clutch" in the same color.


The final complement could be earrings in silver tone or very small brilliants.


Finally, do not forget that the most important thing is to feel good within the clothes you have chosen and smile.


Thank you so much.



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